About Us

CoValue's Mission is to empower Investors and Businesses to Create Wealth

Who We Are

Covalue Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an online business valuation company in India, incorporated on November 2016.

CoValue is focused on Business Valuation, Expectations Valuation and Value Augmentation Concepts. It is an app created to empower users to gain deep insights into the realm of investing and value creation.

What We Do

CoValue helps investors and businesses gain a holistic and in-depth valuation perspective. It has the ability to provide deep insights into a company, thereby enabling a diligent decision-making and lowering uncertainty.

The CoValue app enables Investors and businesses to swiftly make a valuation of companies, analyze value enhancement strategies, and derive expectations, built into the stock price.

Its also a kind of value investing app.

What We
Believe In

Taking Control of Success

It is our endeavor to place control and power in the hands of the users. This ensures autonomy and confidence while empowering the users to overcome mind-set blocks, lowering uncertainty and improving their chances of success

Democratize Valuation

It is our belief that valuation must be democratized. CoValue is a big step in that direction, helping its users to:

  • Engage directly and meaningfully with the complex process of valuation
  • Take independent and sound decision, without apprehension
  • Conduct valuation and evaluate valuation concepts, independently

Simplifying it for Users

We understand investors and businesses, and appreciate the value of their time. Our dedicated team of designers and developers are constantly striving to enhance the user experience, saving time and effort for our users.

Challenging the Status QUO

We are here to disrupt the status quo around valuation services. We at CoValue truly believe that exorbitantly priced valuation services must be laid to rest.

Our aim is spreading awareness and knowledge while empowering investors, analysts, fund managers, businesses, accountants and consultants with power in their hands. All of this and more is possible through our app, without breaking the bank.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Our laser like focus is on valuation, value enhancement and its related concepts. We have in-depth expertise in this realm, and continue to strive relentlessly to become better each day. Our aim is to improve consistently our product and services through a variety of new and intelligent analytical tools and concepts – uncovering hitherto uncharted avenues along the way.