Know Your Worth

The Know Your Worth model helps the user to be able to determine the Present Value (Intrinsic/ Economic Value) and the Future Value of the Company, based on assumptions.

The module also computes the Shareholder Value Augmented. It enables you to assess the Company’s Valuation and assists you to increase its worth through meticulously designed insight and analytics. All types of Companies (excluding Banking and Financial Services Companies) can be Valued through this Module. The Discounted Cashflow Model (DCF) is used to conduct the Business or Company Valuation.

If you are a Premium Member, i.e. Gold or Platinum, you can use the Databank to Value Companies. Presently, the databank has data only for Indian Listed Companies. The historical data comes pre-filled into the App, post-selection of the Company and all you have to do is fill in the assumptions such as Forecast Period, Expected Inflation Rate, Sales Growth Rate, Operating Profit Margin, Income Tax Rate and Cost of Equity. The History Icon gives references to fill up this information.

Please read our Valuation FAQs to learn more about Valuation and view the Video Link below to quickly learn how to Navigate the Know your Worth Module.