World Databank

Introducing the CoValue Databank

The CoValue App comes equipped with pre-filled historical financial data, eliminating the need for you to search for it or classify data to input into the App. With data integrated from over 15,000 companies across multiple exchanges and countries, the historical information can guide your forecast assumptions, making company valuation simple and fast. CoValue is the future of business valuation, and with the CoValue Databank, users are empowered with information to accelerate the business valuation process. The databank is a comprehensive repository of financial data set, historical information, and analytics of listed companies worldwide, which is readily available within the app's history icon.

Data and Classification

The CoValue Databank holds the Financial Data from the Annual or Preliminary Report of all the listed Indian companies. The Know Your Worth, Capital Markets and Expectations Valuation and Valuation Augmentation Modules – hold data pre-filled for every company (Excluding Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance companies).

The data included is Inflation Rate, Currency, Sales, Operating Profit, Fixed Assets, Net Working Capital, Non-Operating Assets; Liabilities such as Cash and Securities, Investments and Other Assets; Minority Interest and Other Liabilities; Debt and Obligations; Outstanding Shares and Market Valuation. This pre-filled data can be viewed and edited by users, if so required.

The Databank also displays a History Tab that includes historical inflation, CAGR of sales, 12-month Trailing / Quarterly Sales and Operating Profit, Historical Incremental Fixed Asset and Incremental Working Capital Investment and 10-year Government Bond Risk-Free Rate. This data for Know Your Worth, Capital Markets and Expectations Valuation and Valuation Augmentation Modules is available for all companies except Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Companies.

Perception – What’s Your P/E and Decrypt Stock P/E Modules

These modules include pre-filled data in the app for all companies (including Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance companies). The data includes Inflation Rate, Currency, Figures In, Net Income, Outstanding Shares, Market Valuation, and P/E Ratio. The ‘history’ includes CAGR of Net Income and Earnings per share.

Perception – Decrypt Index P/E Module

This Module has pre-filled data in the App for selected Indices, Nifty and Sensex, Inflation rate, Currency, Figures In, Index Earning Per Share, Index Value and P/E Ratio. The ‘history’ includes CAGR of Earnings per Share.

Importing Data from the CoValue Databank

The user would be able to import data from the databank either by:

  • Using the Databank button on the Bottom Toolbar in the App and selecting the Company of choice, Or
  • Import the data by using the “Create a Plan from Databank Companies” button in any of the modules through which the user wishes to value the company.

On clicking the App, the List of companies would open up. The names are sorted alphabetically, and the user would only need to search by the name of the Company for which the data needs to be imported.

The list will consist of the following information:

  • Name of the Company
  • Data Type: Whether the Data is Preliminary i.e. before the release of or Data based on the Annual Report
  • The Year End data of the Company

The information available in the CoValue Databank is the consolidated data of the financial reports of a company. Any data that has not been consolidated by the Company will therefore not be displayed in the CoValue Databank.

Updates to CoValue Databank

The CoValue Databank information is updated within 7-10 days of a company reporting its financial information.

In the case of Market Capitalization, Risk-Free Rate and Consumer Price Index,the information is updated daily with respect to the closing of the previous day.

Create a Company and Plan

The ‘Create a Company and Plan’ option enables the user to manually enter any company’s financial data according to the user’s assumptions. No information from the CoValue Databank would be displayed.

Users who wish to value unlisted companies should use this option.