CoValue Markets

About CoValue Markets - Connecting Stories to Valuation

CoValue Markets is a Platform that allows Analysts to write Stories of Companies, derive their impact on Valuation and Share them with Users to view, analyze and edit. In other words, here Financial Wizards conjure stories of Companies to their Valuation.

Analyzing the Current Operations, Profits, Revenues, What is Built-in Price of a Stock and their Value, we help users to understand the company history, strategies and market trends to analyze the performance of companies and share a perspective of what the future beholds!

User may use the CoValue Markets feature to read these stories about companies and import the Valuations into the App to view and edit the Valuations, based on their assumptions.

How Each Story in CoValue Market is Made:

  • The Analyst
    The Analyst search is undertaken based on Specialisation, Qualification, and Experience so that they can curate interesting and important Stories for CoValue Markets.
  • Conjure Stories to their Valuation
    Analysts then add a sprinkle of Valuation done via CoValue App, top it up with some interesting comments and notifications.
  • Copy and Edit
    We run it through our in-house Intelligence, breaking it down, translating lingo and making stuff more readable.

Purchasing Valuation from CoValue Market
The Reading of the Story is Free, however, if the User must purchase a Valuation if he/she wants to View or Edit the Valuation. CoValue Markets works on Pay-As-You-Go Model. The User can purchase the Valuation directly, by paying the requested amount or by utilizing the credits available to them. Users can purchase the Credits in advance. Gold and Platinum Users are given up to 400 – 500 Monthly Credits to Purchase these Valuations.

Credit Purchases
Credits can be purchased by clicking the Credit Icon on the top right of the CoValue Markets. There are 4 Packages through which Credits can be purchased. Credits once purchased will not expire and cannot be refunded! You can view your Credit Balance in the CoValue Market Credit Screen.

Purchase of a Single Valuation
Single Valuations can also be Purchased if the user does not wish to purchase Packages.

Types of Valuation

  • Standard Valuation: These are Valuations of Listed Companies. The Standard Valuation generally uses 25 Credits.
  • IPO Valuations: These are Valuations of Companies that are coming up with an IPO. Priced at a Premium, these Valuations can use between 150-250 Credits.
  • Mastermind Valuation: These are Valuations of Unlisted Companies or Divisions of Listed Companies. These utilize about 250-500 Credits.
  • News Impact Valuation: These are Valuations of Companies done on a major News Impact. These are priced at 500-750 Credits.