Conundrum of Valuation

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How to increase Company Valuation

A company’s success is based on whether and to what extent they enrich their shareholders. Shareholders are enriched not just by the operating profits of the company, but also how soundly the financial decision of the company is taken to Create Shareholder Value and increase Company Valuation.

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Why knowing a Company's Intrinsic Value is important in the Finance World – Why Value ?

In traditional Corporate Finance, success is usually judged by value. It is the perceived or calculated value of assets and investments of a company for fundamental analysis of the company’s value and cash flows. While price determines the cost at which the security comes, the value defines a company’s true worth! CEOs and CFOs thus take keen interest to measure, create and Maximize Shareholder Value. More specifically, there are several reasons why you need to "Value".

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Longevity – The secret to sustaining Business Valuation

While some companies flourish through their edge of time, others fizzle out after a quick burst of creative products. What is it that makes a company endure success for long? How does one define the longevity of a business ?

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